Grand Canyon Tours – Great Helicopter, Airplane Flights Await You

The summer vacation season has come to a close, but now is the ideal time to take an air tour of the Grand Canyon, because the weather is still fantastic.

Just be sure to buy your tour seats a week or two ahead of time because these air tours fill up pretty fast. The Grand Canyon is a very popular tourist destination, and the air tours are in demand, therefore they sell out in advance.

Air Tours By Plane

Airplane tours out of Vegas go to the South Rim or the West Rim. While touring the South Rim by chopper is a favorite among travelers, touring by airplane is also a good option.

The airplane tour over the South Rim takes around 50 minutes. The flight path is the same as the extended helicopter tour, so you will see many notable landmarks as you cover around 75 percent of the Grand Canyon National Park wilderness land.

Still, there are some differences between touring by airplane or chopper. For starters, helicopters can fly much lower than airplanes, so they provide the best views. Another difference is the number of passengers on each flight, since planes are bigger, they carry 19 people per tour while the choppers can carry only six.

With so many tour options, you may wonder which one you should choose. Many people choose the landing tour that goes to the West Rim. This tour can be upgraded to include a helicopter ride down to the bottom of the canyon. It is worth the trip to the canyon floor, because when you get there, you can take a float trip along the smooth water section of the Colorado River.

Chopper Tours

If it’s a helicopter tour you want, you’ll have to tour the West Rim if you depart from Vegas. The South Rim is a lot farther from Vegas than the West Rim, and the choppers can’t make the round trip. You can still tour the South Rim, you’ll just have to fly there by plane instead.

When you choose an air tour from Vegas, you can land at the canyon or just circle it and return to Las Vegas. You’ll see many interesting sights from the air, such as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon, and the Skywalk. The air-only tours are very scenic, but they do not land at the Grand Canyon for an up close look. If you want to take a landing tour instead, you get to decide if you want to land on the canyon floor or on top of the rim.

One popular tour to consider is the Champagne picnic landing tour. This tour includes a thrilling helicopter ride down to the bottom of the canyon for the picnic. It’s a great way to soak up the beauty of the canyon. You’ll even have the option to add on a boat ride if you wish.

Also, choose the deluxe tour if you can, so you can be shuttled to and from you tour departure point in a limo. Riding in the limo is fun, certainly more exciting than being transported in a shuttle van.

If you want to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim, you can choose a short or long tour, however, none of those choppers can fly down to the canyon floor at the South Rim. Choose the longer flight if you can because you will see a lot more of the park, you will see 3/4 of the park from the air by the time your tour is finished.

Low Internet Rate

Booking your tour online is the easy way to get your seats. Booking online saves you money too, since the Internet rate is often discounted as much as 35 percent.

Be sure you actually buy your seats and complete the transaction online. That is the only way to get the Internet rate, so don’t leave the site without paying. If you call the operator and pay by phone, you won’t get the low rate and your tour will cost more.

Wrapping Up

Make your plans now to visit the Grand Canyon before summer is gone for good, just remember to book your air tour in advance so it doesn’t sell out before you get a seat. A flight over the Grand Canyon is an exciting experience, you won’t forget. The Grand Canyon is filled with amazing beauty from its vibrant colors to its unique rock formations, it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, so don’t miss seeing it when you’re in Vegas.

Your Screenplay Is A Circle

You are having problems with your screenplay. You know how it begins, but the middle and the end have you at a loss. I can tell you this much. The place that you start should be the place where you finish.

A good script is a perfect circle and allow me to explain how and why.

You story will most like begin with your characters living in their idea world. A perfectly calm existence is shattered and it is a never ending scramble to return to that perfect life.

Sounds crazy?

Remember the Godfather?

The opening scenes?

The family is happy and intact. They are celebrating a wedding. The Godfather and is inner circle are in total control of a world that is going to be attacked from both outside and within. This world is destroyed. The Godfather is shot. Sonny, his oldest son is killed, his enforcer is killed and his youngest son Michael is beaten. From this point on there is a never ending quest by those left standing to put their universe back into its proper order.

The last scene of the film, after all the violence and bloodshed, is Michael in his father’s place as Godfather conducting business as his father did when the film began. All is right with the world. The natural order has been restored.

You can look at a saga like Lord of The Rings and the same holds true. Where does that story begin? Home, comfortable and safe. After an endless quest where does it end up. Frodo and Sam back to where they started. Missing a finger here and a lot of bruises there they are back to the perfect world that they had to flee.

Some stories begin with that perfect world already shattered and through flashbacks it is revealed through out the story. The character is forever trying to find away to or back to their idea world. Some characters do not realize that their world was great until they venture outside of their comfort zone and after having all of their illusions shattered to they really appreciate what they had going for them. A great example of this is in the minor UK classic Mona Lisa starring Bob Hoskins.

Your characters do not travel along an arc if the story is going to be great and memorable, they travel along a circle. That circle traveled in the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy has to leave home to realize that there is no place like home.

Send your characters on grand adventures, but always keep the end zone in sight. The place that they are headed looks a great deal like the place that they have just left behind.

I am not suggesting that it should be a steady walk toward the place that they just left. Put obstacles in their way. See if they can jump through an endless series of hoops, but at the end of it all if they have proven themselves worthy let them come home. They do not need a hero’s welcome, but they need to return to the world where they feel most welcome. There is a line in one of the greatest of all westerns, Ride the High Country, where the lead say that all he wants at the end of the day is to come home Justified. He wants to go off into the world, do what his code of honor will allow him to do and come back home knowing that he could not have done things any other way.

Look at Michael in the Godfather or Sam in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy both of these characters did things their way. Always guided by their own personal code and in the end they make it back to a world where they belong.

The greatest stories ever told are not straight lines. They are not rocky hills and valleys, but as Scarlett traveled in Gone With the Wind, they are a full circles and the fuller the better.

Travel Tips for Travellers Aged 80 and Over

Traveling at an old age can be daunting and maybe even stressful. Health is a major concern, as well as mobility and the plethora of other factors. Yet, there are ways to figure everything out. The most important and first step is to know how much you can handle. If you’re still pretty active, then there’s obviously more room for exploration; you can push yourself a little farther and do a few more things. But be warned; bad knee problems, back problems, or anything of that nature make trains or subways difficult. Consider taking buses or taxis and limiting the amount of stairs you need to climb.

Also take into consideration the effects of jetlag on your body. If you don’t sleep well on planes, consider finding day flights and resting on the first day of your journey to ensure you aren’t wearing yourself down before your holiday has even begun.

Talk to your doctor before you travel, especially if you have concerns about chronic pain or anything else that he might be able to offer medication for. Another important thing to consider is how crowded your itinerary is. Keep plenty of space open for rest and don’t try to fit everything in as it will most likely not be enjoyable and might also be damaging to your overall health. Your trip or holiday is meant to be enjoyable, not a grocery list of places you absolutely must visit.

One thing to consider if all of these factors are too much to try and coordinate and deal with is going on a guided tour. They offer free time and helpful itineraries that cover important places. Better yet, there are guided tours geared towards people over the age of 50 and with enough searching, over 80 too. Look into Grand Circle, Tauck, or Elderhostels. All of these tour services offer itineraries specifically geared towards those over a certain age. Some are geared towards the more active and some for the less active, but they give a good starting point for knowing how to travel at 80 or above. These companies know what they’re doing, and you can trust that you will have a good time organized around your basic health and age-specific needs.

After you’ve figured out how you want to travel, the next step is travel insurance. Be aware that you need to purchase insurance specifically for people over 80. Why? This is because most of these policies, though a little more expensive, cover pre-existing medical conditions that might be costly and detrimental in the long run. Do extensive research to find the best plan for you, and get plenty of quotes to find an ideal plan that matches your financial capabilities. Most importantly, make sure you reveal all medical conditions as this will only serve to benefit you.

Trekking In The Himalayas – Explore the Adventurer In You

“Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.” – Anatoli Boukreev

Mountains are places where one comes to terms with nature and praises its marvels that are taken for granted by many. It would melt down your earthly pride and materialistic achievements that define you amidst humans. It would strip you from the comforts of the city and tests your mettle in the wilderness, filling the void with nature that is created and widened by man himself.

With summer coming to an end and winter approaching, now is the last chance to go on that exciting adventure trip in the hills before it gets too cold to bare. Here is a list of some adventurous destinations in the midst of hills and valleys of Himalayan range that you can’t afford to miss out.


The newest member of the north-east family, Sikkim is one of those states in India that is known for its natural scenic view and multiple trekking opportunities, for both lone travellers as well as the group expeditions. Sikkim has a lot to offer to the adventurer in you. Some of the famous treks in this trekking paradise are:

The third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga
One of the best treks in India, Yuksom and Goecha La
Known for its picturesque trail, Green Lake
One of the most colorful treks in India, Barsey-Rhododendron Trek

For the adventurer in you, these treks would be like dreams come true. It would make you lose in the mountains so that you can find yourself all over again.


Another jewel in the trekking crown of India, Ladakh offers every trekker a life altering experience. Also known as “Trekker’s Paradise”, Ladakh’s rugged terrain and snow covered peaks makes it the most astounding destination of Jammu and Kashmir. This trek is open from the month of June till end October. The classic Tibetan culture further overwhelms the travellers.


Imagine yourself walking rigidly through a picturesque trail. It is surrounded by the thick forest all around. All that you can hear is chirping of birds. The pink glow of sunlight bouncing off the high peaks and are aligned under a sky, dotted with the colourful birds flying freely. Pristine, isn’t it? This is Kumaon.

This beautiful place is situated in Uttarakhand Himalayas. It’s serene beauty attracts thousands of nature lovers every year. A perfect combination of breathtaking beauty of mountains and forests and the cultural heritage, Kumaon has a whole package waiting for you. The major tourist attractions are Kafni glacier, Sunderban base camp trek, Milam glacier trekking, Adi Kailash trekking tour and many more.


It offers one the most meaningful and attractive trekking expeditions on the foothills of Himalayas. Present in the state of Uttarakhand, Garhwal holds the most pious journey of Chardham and is known for the sacred abode of Gods. From trekking, camping, river-rafting, to soft adventures Garhwal has a whole package of fun filled adventures to offer.

Nanda Devi National Park in the trail of Nanda Devi Trek is just an icing on the cake for wildlife lovers. Some of the treks it has to offer you are Chopta trek, Dayara bugyal, Dodital, Gorson bugyal treks etc.


You are not a mature trekker, if you have not done the heart-pumping trek in Darjeeling. Situated in Indian state of West Bengal, the beautiful tea garden all around make it a must visit place in India. Darjeeling, the enchanting town, is also known as the “Queen of Hills”.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the best hill resorts, Darjeeling is a paradise for adventure seekers and trekkers. If you are a nature lover, you can not afford to miss this trek. It takes one to places where nature is yet in her primeval majesty. The region abounds in rhododendrons, orchids, magnolias, ferns and primulas of numerous varieties. Around 600 various species of birds inhabit its forest on the slopes of the mountains so get ready to enjoy the beautiful sound of birds chirping.